Hi There -

Let me introduce myself! 
I am Stephanie; a first generation American, raised between Marin County, California and Alexandria, Egypt. In 1986 - after seven years, a marriage, and a baby, my parents won the lottery. Not exactly mega millions, but the American Immigration lottery. Within two weeks they sold everything they owned, and moved across the world to a little place called Marin.  

I started traveling back to Egypt at the age of six, with my sister Nathalie, which fueled my love of travel, and gypsy soul. My sister and I spent our summers on the beaches of Agami, with friends and family, learning about a life my parents left behind. 

I am a designer. I love to travel, and to entertain, and mostly I LOVE to eat. EGYPSY is my space to bring all these things together as one. As an Egyptian, my family has always gathered in the kitchen. It's where we do our best creating. Whether we are cooking, crafting, or entertaining -- our kitchen island has exponentially grown as our family has. All of these passions have led me to this small space on the internet to call my own. In order to showcase some of my favorite designs, paper goods, and to share the beautiful crafts Egypt has to offer, I've opened a little shop

[Egypsy = Egyptian + Gypsy] shop is a place for bohemian home decor featuring handmade artisan products from the Khan el Khalili and Khayameya, two major souks in the Islamic district of Cairo. The Egyptian poufs we sell in the shop are handmade and dyed and are the perfect addition to any bohemian brunch. Stick around and see how travel has shaped the meals we make and the magic we create. Thanks so much for stopping by!